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Anyone is free to post a hash, along with a signature. Use of this site is at your own risk, and I provide no guarantees as to its stability or fitness for purpose. To use this site, create a document containing your idea, and append at least 74 random characters. Create a hash using SHA-2. Sign using GPG. Then upload both the hash and the signature. If at some later point you need to prove when you wrote the intial file, you can use the signed hash here, together with the upload time stamp, to prove a bound on when you wrote it. Simples! Why 74 random bits? Well, just for your own piece of mind. 74 ASCII characters take more than 512 bits to represent (518 to be exact). If they are chosen uniformly at random there is no way to compress that part of the document below 518 bits, which is longer than a SHA-2 hash. Thus there is no way you could have been tricked into uploading a compressed version of your document.

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